Vertical integration
is the key

With over 20 years of operational and ownership experience, we have developed a successful strategy of analyzing and managing all aspects of affordable housing and LIHTC property operations. Wentwood operates at all levels of the LIHTC industry, from collecting property rents to providing quarterly reporting to our institutional fund investors. As a vertically integrated operation, Wentwood is comprised of three primary operating groups: funds management, asset management, and property management.

Funds Management Funds management specializes in the analysis and reporting of all fund level and property level operations to institutional investors. Working seamlessly with our asset management and property management teams, funds management tracks property performance and fund level performance, and reports to our institutional investors. Our funds management team is generally the key contact for institutional investors, their accountants, their tax professionals and consultants.
Asset Management Asset management aggressively manages and monitors all aspects of property operations and partnership activities. Our asset managers work with our funds management team to keep our investors informed, and to resolve all property related issues to ensure delivery of forecasted investment returns and tax benefits. Our asset managers are the key interface between local property sponsors and our institutional fund investors.
Property Management Property Management manages 32 properties in our funds portfolio, representing over 4,000 multifamily units. Through our wholly owned affiliate, Westlake Housing, we provide property management services to each of these properties. Our property management team provides direct oversight of these properties for our institutional investors, and consults regularly with our asset management team on properties throughout our funds portfolio. Our operating expertise is unique within the LIHTC funds management field.